Chase Your Burden Review

From (Editor's Pick): If you’ve been paying any sort of attention, you’ll remember our previous discussion of Mr. Neff via his “Generational X-istential Blues” album just a short couple of years ago. I know I remember Anthony Neff’s sincere voice and knack for marrying the sounds of country, Americana, and folk for his own unique tone that he sets with gusto. This album is even better than the last, picking up from everything he did right there, and peppering it with a new fondness that will have the young and old alike yearning for more. Producer Rob Farris’s wanton use of ½” tape makes this album even more memorable with its rustic, folk appeal that gives it hometown quality with big-budget sound. This is one singer/songwriter that everyone should be following like some fanatical rabid fan. - J-Sin

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